Coaching for Summit Development means making an impact in the cycling community and uplifting youth; being a positive force for good. 

Coaching outline:

  • Similar to TrainingPeaks, but more community-based for a bigger direct impact.

  • Athletes will go through the website and pick their coach based on their goals.

  • Coaches will create training plans and work 1-on-1 with athletes.

  • Summit will keep 20% of monthly plan prices (per coach DOE), to give back to the community and support riders in racing and media production.

  • Athletes working with coaches will receive all sponsorships as the race team (Spry, Honey Stinger, Sommet Apparel, Jaybird, Redmond Re-Lyte, AMP Human).

  • If you already have a client base as a coach, we would love to have them work through Summit so we can give back to them with sponsors and media support.



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