Summit has many amazing sponsors and is proud to be able to connect the cycling community and young talent to products that will aid them in developing and give money back to the community. 

The sponsors below are endorsed and used by Summit Elite team riders, and all others (devo riders, those on training plans, coaches, and parents) are encouraged. 

Click on the links to shop for products form our partnered companies. 

Afilliate partners do not have a discount, however a certain % of profits go back to Summit to give to the community and riders.



Custom high-end bicycles

Spry is a custom bike brand based out of Utah. Summit athletes, coaches, and parents can purchase a bike from Spry, completely custom from parts to paint job. 

  • Elite Team riders receive bikes at-cost.

  • Devo team riders receive bikes at 15% discount.

  • Parents and coaches receive bikes at 10% discount.​



All-natural performance nutrition

Honey Stinger is the industry leader in performance nutrition, providing energy gels, waffles, and gu's, that are all honey-based. This means that they digest slower and have a higher metabolic output per gram, since honey is one of the most complex sugars available. It is the leading choice for athletes across the USA.

Summit athletes are able to purchase honey stinger products and apparel at a 40% discount by emailing grant@summitbikeclub.com with a description of the products to be purchased, and an invoice will be sent.



Nutritionally Complete Meals

HLTH Code is a nutritionally complete meal powder created by Dr Ben Bikman. Keto-friendly, high protein, plenty of healthy fats, and a vitamin and mineral balance, makes HLTH Code the optimal meal for athletes. 

Summit receives 20% of all purchases to give back to the cycling community.



Electrolyte Supplemements

Re-Lyte is Redmond's electrolyte line for athletes. Made from natural sea salt mined in Utah, it is the perfect product for preventing cramps, boosting recovery, and supporting mental focus in training and racing.



Jaybird is one of the leading companies in wireless headphones. Summit's association with Jaybird is an exciting push in to the cycling market for Jaybird, and we're excited to provide Summit athletes, coaches, and parents, with discounts on the best wireless headphones available.




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