How Summit is breaking down the sport's financial barriers

Summit Bike Club's mission statement is simple: to help young athletes achieve their goals by providing the highest quality training and resources available.

To accomplish this mission, we decided to launch an initiative that breaks down barriers that are common for young athletes and their parents when aiming to progress.

In the world of pro/amateur athletics, especially mountain biking, there are a lot of economic walls that have to be broken through in order to move on to high level teams, talent camps, large races, and especially good equipment. Far too often, athletes with the most economic cushion are the ones who are able to progress because of their ability to obtain better training and resources.

So, we set out on a mission and re-established the core values of Summit Development Team to ensure that young athletes can progress in the sport based on skill and work ethic, and less based on their financial means. Here is how Summit accomplishes this:

  1. "Elite Team" exclusive equipment, such as bikes and equipment from sponsors, are available to each and every rider, regardless of their being accepted to the elite team.

  2. Although riders initially selected for the elite team are accepted by application only, the team will consist of the current ten riders showing the most progression and dedication. This means that any rider can join the team at any level, and work their way into the development team.

  3. Multiple pay entries for the elite riders. Summit provides several options for riders to access the customized team bikes and equipment with them either being included in team fees, or with Summit paying 50% for them. This is possible thanks to Summit's previous initiative to work with local companies, allowing more flexibility to provide a personable experience for the riders. Here is an outline of the different pay entries, and how they work.

  4. Basic season cost: $725. This includes the team kit, training rides and rider support, with the ability to progress onto the elite team.

  5. Package 2: $2500. This allows the athletes to obtain a custom team bike for them to keep, with Summit paying 50% for them. It also gets the rides access to the new Rider Funding Campaign program.

  6. Package 3: $5000. Being the complete package, Summit provides a team bike to keep, personalized jerseys, a Rider Funding Campaign, and equipment from sponsored companies.

The initiative lies in the way that riders can progress to the elite team and receive pro-level training and support without having to pay for team bikes and equipment. This makes it easier for riders to progress regardless of their economic abilities, which is something that Summit is proud to boast for the 2021 season and beyond.

The Rider Ease of Progress initiative also instills a sense of competition within the team, which rewards riders for practicing and developing well, and brings an added sense of camaraderie to the team, which, for many riders and parents, is the point of the team in the first place.

So, if you are wanting to race at a high level but have difficulty providing the financial means, Summit Bike Club is here for you.

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