Soldier Hollow Bike Festival 2021

On the weekend of April 30-31, hundreds of people came to Wasatch Mountain State Park in Midway, UT, for the Soldier Hollow Bike Festival. Racers of all ages from 12-75 competed in one of the most scenic locations for a bike race.

Debuting in 2016, the Soldier Hollow Bike Festival, first introduced as the Soldier Hollow XCT, has operated with incredible growth from year to year, attracting riders from all across the USA and even from other countries and continents.

With a view like this, how could you not participate?

Ethan Hennessey (Grass Valley, CA) rides a rock feature at the topmost section of the course.

The Course

The course at Soldier Hollow is known to be pretty deceptive; in pre-riding the course, one would hear other riders saying that the climbs are mellow, not too technical, and as long as you can carry speed you'll be set. But, once the whistle blows and the race begins, you find that the climbs seem to be endless, and the descents are so punchy and short that there's almost no time to recover. Many Summit riders reported that it felt as if it was nothing but climbing, with the downhills being too short to recover for the next long climb.

Lots of technical features were scattered across the course, exciting both riders and spectators. Many of the trails and features were freshly cut for this race, so nobody adequately knew what to expect, which resulted in quite a lot of scrambling and a few crashes here and there.

Overall, many would say that this was their favorite course of the US XC Tour.

Summit's Cat 1 17-18 men and Cat 1 19+ men before the race

Summit's riders showed up and performed exceptionally well, with Ty Sorenson snagging 3rd in the Cat 2 mens, Preston Johnson taking 13th in Cat 1 17-18, Nic Pokusa working his way from 60th to 33rd in the same race, and Eliza Haight taking 4th in Cat 2/3 junior womens.

In the TT, Ethan Hennessey took the 26th spot in Cat 1 UCI.

Now, it's time to shift the team focus to training for upcoming races such as Intermountain Cups, and National Championships.

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