Summit Development and the future of nutrition

Nutrition is an important part of every day life. It affects how we feel, how we perform, and how we think.

As a development program for both young athletes and the general public, Summit always strives to accomplish the goal of helping individuals directly, or connecting them to resources and products that accomplish that goal.

With that said, we are extremely excited to be endorsed by HLTH Code, a groundbreaking nutrition company. If there was such thing as the perfect meal, I’m sure we would all invest heavily in that. To know that your meal is giving you the exact macro and micro nutrients you need is incredibly valuable.

Created by Dr. Ben Bikman, HLTH Code is a nutritionally complete meal that comes in a powdered form. Its purpose is to take the place of a typical meal.

Made from a protein blend, a healthy fat blend, non-digestible preservatives (that's awesome!), Redmond Real Salt (one of our other sponsors), natural non-nutritive fruit sweeteners, and a vitamin and mineral blend, HLTH Code is the perfect meal substitute for anyone.

We are incredibly excited to be involved in the optimal health industry; it's a fairly new industry that we hope to be able to be a part of. Changing lives, improving everyone's health, those are things that we can get behind and be proud to represent.

Summit represents not only athletic development on the bike, but personal development in the kitchen, or even in the classroom. Thanks to HLTH Code, we are able to more fully accomplish those goals.

Use this link to purchase HLTH Code:

When you purchase HLTH Code with the following link, 20% of that purchase hoes back to Summit to impact the community, pay for events and training, and support young riders across the USA.

Summit athletes and those on training plans are recommended, not obligated, to use HLTH Code.

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