Summit and High School MTB racing

Many parents and students have questions surrounding Summit's riding and racing efforts and the NICA season schedule.

Our aim is to integrate seamlessly with high school teams and not draw riders away from their practices. Here are a few major points to keep in mind:

  • Summit Bike Club and NICA high school practices ultimately serve different purposes.

  • Summit's goal is to get more kids on bikes and prepare riders for success on the national scene and the high school scene. Summit aims to work with high school and collegiate athletes to help them find success in those racing scenes respectively.

  • High school teams focus more on getting a group out to ride and build camaraderie. We encourage riders to attend the team rides with their high school team during the NICA season.

Ultimately, Summit's goal with high school athletes is to prepare them for the NICA season after National Championships is over.

"I'm a parent of a high school rider... will Summit practices interfere with their high school practices?"

This is a common question. Through the summer, Summit will host practices on Tuesday and Thursday mornings until school starts. Once school starts, a season ending meeting will be held for Summit riders, and we will phase into riding on the Saturdays that NICA races aren't held.

So, in short, you can participate in every ride with Summit and every ride with your NICA sanctioned high school team. The only time there may be crossovers is when your high school team hosts optional rides on Saturdays, which not every team does.

If you have questions about the ride schedule and how your high school season team schedule can harmonize, contact us!

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