Summit's new personal training program

Summit aims to foster growth for all cyclists and create ease of participation around the nation.

Summit Bike Club has set a clear vision for being a force of increasing good in the cycling community. We have been fortunate to accomplish a lot in the community, from hosting races that bring thousands together, helping aspiring riders reach their goals, sending elite riders to national championship wins and world cup tours, and more.

Zach Calton wins the XC Short Track at National Championships, Winter Park, CO, 2019.

Beginning immediately and through 2021, Summit Bike Club, for the first time, will offer personal training plans for both athletes that ride with Summit, and riders not on Summit, but who still want a training plan.

Plans are, of course, discounted for Summit members, and are optional. However, providing plans for riders all across the nation will help us to accomplish the goal of creating an environment that allows any and all riders to progress in the sport with our help, regardless of economic standing and location; this is the goal that we are totally committed to and use as the foundation on which we grow the club.

Providing personal training plans to riders will also allow for athletes in various parts of the nation to be a part of Summit Development Team and Summit Elite Team, especially in locations with limited team support and less influence of the sport.

"We are equalizing the opportunities for growth for all riders and allowing the experience of personal development in cycling to reach across more riders, which is a goal we can be proud of accomplishing in the seasons to come."

We are beyond excited for this program moving forward.

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