Supporting individual riders nationally—and even internationally

Updated: Mar 9

There’s a certain structure that development programs usually take. Summit included, teams programs usually gather as a group for training rides and practices. This allows for riders to observe one another and build skill sets off of and with the teammates they ride with.

However, when you look at the big picture (geographically, specifically), there are a lot of riders who are thirsting to have someone invest into them and who have limitless potential, as we all do, who are outside the areas where a team gathers to ride.

This is why Summit is working to support all riders, anywhere and everywhere.

Summit riders training in Austria

The program that Summit aims to operate in 2021 and beyond is extremely rider-focused.

Summit riders will receive training through a relationship with coaches, not just riding once a week with them. Each athlete’s progress will be accounted and tracked, and a special focus will be placed on the experience that each rider has. By utilizing technology, consistent conversation, and establishing mentorship-relationships with riders and coaches, riders will receive the full racing development experience from anywhere, no matter how far away they are from the Wasatch Mountains.

Summit commits wholly to being a home for athletes and a support vehicle that will only get better with each passing season.

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