Personal Training Plans

We specialize in training plans for high school students and youth teams.


Find your plan below and start winning.


  • Train when & where you want

  • Complete goals and challenges instead of closely watching parameters

  • Earn rewards when you complete goals and challenges

  • No eagle-eyed coaches watching every workout

  • Participate in Summit camps and courses

- VS. -

Typical Training Plans

  • Expensive

  • Heavily monitored workouts

  • Set schedule (not flexible)

  • Difficult communication with coach(s)

  • Need to invest in expensive equipment (HR monitors, Power Meters, etc.)


Raceday support at select races

Discounts on kits, apparel, & gear

Access to group rides and camps

Discounts on future training plans

Available Plans

  • High School Athlete

    Every month
    Discounted plan for high school athletes and teams
    Valid for 6 months
    • Heart Rate Training
    • Strength
    • Muscular Endurance
    • Nutrition Guidelines
    • Motivational Media Resources
    • Sponsor Deals & Discounts
  • Standard Training

    Every month
    Perfect for all athletes at any level
    Valid for 6 months
    • FTP
    • Heart Rate Max
    • Muscular Loading
    • Heavy Load Endurance
    • HR Endurance
    • Whole-Body Endurance
    • Media Guidelines to Stay Motivated
  • Mastercourse Access

    Every month
    Subscription to Summit Mastercourses
     14 day free trial
    • Unlimited access to all courses
  • Sponsored Athlete

    Free Plan
    • Access portal to all mastercourses and training plans


"Winning is Everything"